ACC – Sofie's business IRS Form 4562

Need to fill out IRS form 4562Prior to 2013 Sofie’s business purchased the equipment listed below. No section 179 deductions were taken on this equipment.Office equipment 06/2008 7 years recovery $11000Office equipment 07/2010 7 years recovery $15000Office equipment 01/2010 7 years recovery $14000Office equipment 12/2012 7 years recovery $50004 copy machines ($7000 each) 12/2012 5 years recovery $28000two computers were purchased at $3000 each on march 7,2013. computer’s are a 5 year recovery life. a new copying/printing system was purchased at $22150 on june 6 2013. a section 179 deduction was taken for $18,000 and the remainder should be depreciated using a 7 year life. sofie knows she can take more as a section 179 deduction but thinks her business will grow and wants to keep some depreciation expense into future years.No bonus depreciation is elected.