Marina wanted to quit her job as a flight attendant where she earned $2,000 each month. She has figured her entrepreneurial talent or foregone entrepreneurial income to be $7,000 a year. To start a new business, she cashed in $100,000 from her saving account that earned 1 percent interest annually. She went on to run a small car dealership called Affordable Rides. In the first year, she sold vehicles and services valued at $540,000. During the year, $500,000 goes to cover all explicit costs (e.g. building, cost of goods sold, marketing, employee wages, interest on a loan, etc.). Calculate, and answer the following (based on the first year):a) Total Revenue: $b) Total Explicit Costs: $c) Accounting Profit: $d) Total Implicit Costs: $e) Normal Profit: $f) Economic Profits: $g) From an economic perspective, did Marina make a good decision (Yes or No)?