ACC Exercise 4-19 Wainwright Corporation

Exercise 4-19Requirement 1 (Completed)Financing Investing Operating1. $270,000.00 2. • $-25000.003. •4. •5. -12000.006. -9000.007. -550008. 360009. • __________ __________ __________$ =?Requirement 2Wainwright CorporationStatement of Cash FlowsFor the Month Ended March 31, 2011Cash flows from operating activities:Collections from customers Payment of rent Payment of one-year insurance premium Payment to suppliers of merchandise for sale Net cash flows from operating activities $Cash flows from investing activities:Purchase of equipment Net cash flows from investing activities Cash flows from financing activities:Issuance of common stockNet cash flows from financing activities Net increase in cash Cash and cash equivalents, March 1 Cash and cash equivalents, March 31 $Noncash investing and financing activities: Acquired $40,000 of equipment by paying cash and issuing a note as follows:Cost of equipment $Cash paid Note issued $