Consider the following information for Cowboys Town for the year ended December 31, 2015.Expenses – parking garage (enterprise fund)$ 1,200,000Expenses – general government52,000,000Expenses – public safety36,000,000Expenses – health and sanitation15,000,000General property taxes62,000,000Unrestricted grants and contributions6,000,000Interest on general long-term debt420,000Charges for general government services20,000,000Charges for parking services1,300,000Charges for public safety services2,500,000Charges for health services8,100,000State grants for public safety4,000,000Gain on sale of general capital assets200,000Investment income – governmental activities210,000Net assets, 1/1/2015 – governmental activities120,000,000Net assets, 1/1/2015 – business-type activities40,000,000REQUIRED:Prepare, in appropriate format, the government-wide statement of activities for Cowboy Town for the year 2015..5em;=””>