Anne sold her home for $290,000 in 2012. Selling expenses were $17,400. She purchased it in 2005 for $200,000. During the period of ownership, Anne had done the following:• Deducted $50,500 office-in-home expenses, which included $4,500 in depreciation. (Refer to Chapter 9.)• Deducted a casualty loss in 2008 for residential trees destroyed by a hurricane. The total loss was $19,000 (after the $100 floor and the 10%-of-AGI floor), and Anne’s insurance company reimbursed her for $13,500. (Refer to Chapter 7.)• Paid street paving assessment for $7,000 and added sidewalks for $8,000.• Installed an elevator for medical reasons. The total cost was $20,000, and Anne deducted $13,000 as medical expenses. (Refer to Chapter 10.)What is Anne’s realized gain?