introducing the new Amendment of Saudi labor law, and general comparing with US labor law

Job Guarantee in Saudi Arabia

The labor law was introduced in Saudi Arabia for the first time under a royal decree in November 1969. The labor law under law 21 has been through massive changes until 2015.

However, the articles 77 and 78 do not provide job guarantee to the employees, which gives the employers an advantage to abusively dismiss the employees from their jobs.

In case of abusive dismissal of an employee, old labor law would allow the employee to sue the job and if the case awarded to the employee, they would have their job back.

However, according to the new law the employee will be only financial compensation, approximately the compensation will be two salaries. The new law does not provide a job guarantee to the employees, and that is an error in the Saudi market, considering that job guarantee is one of the fundamental rights of the worker.

This thesis will discuss the error of the new labor law in the Saudi market and its negative impact on the economy and the employees. Moreover, this thesis will introduce solutions to provide the right of both the employees and employers in case of dismissal.



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