Scientific consultation and guidance. Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

Scientific consultation and guidance. Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

Scientific consultation and guidance. Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

The supervisor that is scientific of program tasks are appointed by the Department of Sociology, concentrating on the number of clinical passions of instructors and the quantity of educational training load.

The primary tasks associated with the manager

The task that is main for the manager – advising and monitoring the entire process of implementation of student coursework.

The obligations associated with manager include:

– support in seeking the subject for the program work and also the development Of a ongoing work plan;

– performing systematic consultations with the pupil on dilemmas of work;

– support when you look at the selection of research techniques;

– advising the pupil in the variety of resources of literary works and factual product;

– monitoring the progress of operate in accordance using the founded plan and intermediate official certification associated with the student;

– work assessment.

Scientific consultation and guidance. Evaluation criteria associated with the program work

Evaluation criteria associated with the course work

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The criteria that are main the evaluation of coursework consist of:

– the correctness regarding the reported function and goals of this work and their conformity because of the content regarding the work;

– freedom associated with the writer’s method of the disclosure associated with topic, like the formula and justification of their approach that is own to research issues;

– persistence and presentation that is structured of product, such as the quality of the conclusion and introduction, the partnership and continuity Between the right elements of the task, amongest the theoretical and practical facets of the analysis;

– the quality of the analysis therefore the power to make use of the ways of scientific research, like the quality of analysis obtainable in the literature methods to the research regarding the issues in mind;

– The practical significance of the program work, such as the connection of theoretical roles considered when you look at the work, with repetition;

– the correctness of this usage of sources, including conformity because of the guidelines for compiling a summary of references;

– compliance because of the coursework design demands, precision of design, the lack of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the writing (especially whenever making use of unique terminology);

– the contribution that is personal of writer into the analysis and research of the subject.

Compliance utilizing the guidelines of research ethics

While preparing a program work, special attention is compensated to students’ conformity because of the guidelines of research ethics. In no full instance should plagiarism, falsification of information and quoting that is”false be utilized.

We mean direct borrowing without appropriate as we mention plagiarism sources to any printed or sources that are electronic previously defended last qualifying works, master’s and dissertations that are doctoral.

We mean to a fake or change the when we say the falsification of data supply information so that you can show the correctness of this summary (confirmation for the hypothesis, etc.), along with the use that is deliberate of false information as being a foundation for analysis.

False quote means the presence of links towards the supply as soon as the offered supply will not contain such information or shows an invalid web page.

Detection of ethical breaches contributes to bad evaluation.

The development of the violations of expert ethics may be the foundation for lowering markings for program work, as much as grading “unsatisfactory”.

Course tasks are ranked for a scale that is five-point. The supervisor evaluates the work taking into consideration the quality associated with the text (for example. its content, logic and argumentation), the theoretical and methodological standard of work, therefore the completeness regarding the supply database. Plus the knowledge and use of the literature regarding the subject, the correctness associated with formula and solution regarding the research issue, the legitimacy and credibility associated with conclusions work, the proper design of this work, along with the quality of speech in the protection additionally the capability to lead a systematic conversation.

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