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 Secondary data refers to data that are used beyond their original intent. Another person or party collects secondary data for a separate purpose. Many organizations routinely collect data for various purposes, such as recording demographics for research reports (Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, n.d.). Technological advances have given researchers access to international data sets for modest fees (Kiecolt & Nathan, 1985). Using secondary data can reduce the time and resources required for data collection. Many examples of quantitative research using secondary data exist, yet for years, there has been a debate over the use of secondary data in qualitative research. Although the use of secondary data provides easy access to large data sets, some researchers believe that context about the data is lost without the interaction of the research participants (Temple, Edwards, & Alexander, 2006). 

 Post a brief description of how to identify secondary data sets. Then, provide two strengths and two limitations to using secondary data sets. Given the strengths and limitations, provide examples of when the use of secondary data is appropriate and inappropriate. Support your response