Here’s what’s happening: Since I work full-time I can’t catch up with everything in this class so I’m posting this one since I gotta boost my grade. I’m willing to pay $55-65 (considering my budget) for the whole, but of course I’m down to negotiate.

I provided a pdf of what the assignment is about and below are extra instructions from the professor:

” Write the introductory paragraph with all of the elements I describe, then address each of the required 14 elements by labeling each topic as I have outlined. Place these in the EXACT order I provide.

For example:

6. Warranties: (insert your language)

7. Assignment: (insert your language)

The sample contracts are provided as reference only– do not follow the format of the sample contracts. The sample contracts contain many provisions that I DO NOT require. I include them because some of the provisions may be helpful.”

Any help is much appreciated you have no idea, it’s such a stressful time and I’m aiming to get full points for this without any suspected plagiarism 🙂