Unit 7 Assignment 2 Report Creation

Assignment Objectives: Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree Domain I.  Data Content Structure and Standards Subdomain I.C. Data Governance Section 4. Advocate information operability and information exchange Competencies: Generally accepted recordkeeping principles

Assignment Purpose:

To create a usable report contain enterprise-wide information.

Assignment Description:

Dr. Bartlett is enrolled in a quality improvement initiative and has been collecting data for submission on the quality measure pertaining to diabetes.  He has asked you for a report that contains his patients who are over the age of 20 with a diagnosis of diabetes or gestational diabetes. 

Using your knowledge of data retrieval and data standards, design a report that will capture all pertinent information that Dr. Bartlett may need.  Create and submit an example of what sample (factious) data would look like in the report. 

The report can be created in Word, Excel, or using the Access Database