For this assignment, you will need to identify:

1. A particular type of technology that existed prior to 2000 OR an individual who played a significant role in the history of technology. You may also propose a topic concerning the history of technology that does not necessarily fit these categories but you wish to pursue.

2. A short paragraph that provides an outline of your topic.

3. An interesting and descriptive title for your project.

4. Identify at least 1 primary source and at least 2 secondary sources that you plan to use for your essay.

5. Include these sources in a properly formatted Bibliography. Clearly identify which sources are primary and which sources are secondary. 

Remember to keep your focus as narrow as possible: less is more in this project.

Be sure to follow each step listed above. Part of your grade is determined by how well you can adhere to the assignment directions.

Once you have submitted the Proposal, it will be accepted or rejected based on appropriateness. If rejected, you must then resubmit a revised Proposal based on recommendations.