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Assignment: Preparing for the Literature Review: Developing an Annotated Bibliography (Continued)

. This week, you will add to that annotated bibliography by including research articles that use a similar theoretical foundation and data collection methods to what you are proposing for your study.

To prepare for this Assignment, review the theoretical framework and methods that you plan to use for your own research. Then find two peer-reviewed articles within your topic area that describe the use of this theoretical foundation. Also, find two articles that describe the use of the data collection methods that you plan to use.

The Assignment (2 pages):

· Submit an annotated bibliography of the four new articles you have identified.

· , briefly summarize (in 6-8 lines) the purpose, methods and outcomes of each publication, plus how the article informs what you hope to accomplish.


You will add to the annotated bibliography  with two articles that describe the use of a similar theoretical framework to the one you’re proposing for your study, 


And two articles annotated that used the same data collection or analysis methods that you propose to use. Be sure to describe how the theories and methods used in your selected papers inform your own research plans. The point of annotation is to describe the main features of a paper – purpose, method, results – in 6 to 8 lines. Please try and keep to this.